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FIFA/CIES International University Network

The FIFA/CIES University Network Award 2022 goes to ...

At its annual meeting on 24 February, the FIFA/CIES University Network Award Jury selected the winning group project for 2022 from among the sixteen competing projects.

At its meeting, the Jury decided to award the FIFA/CIES University Network Award 2022 to the project submitted by Cairo University (Egypt): "Etawaع - Volunteering".

This project was completed by Ahmad Karem, Amr Adel, Angy Al-Gemayl, Maram ElKady and Seif Amer. It provides a platform for volunteers at sports events to apply more easily and for organisers to manage these applications during the different phases of the process. For example, daily information, interaction between volunteers and their managers, online training, feedback and the evaluation of the volunteers’ work. Their project is clear, concise, well adapted to the realities of the MENA region and takes into consideration the academic content offered during the course. The graphic design used was of excellent quality too.

Second place went to the project presented by Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires "FANEX - #MiraComoJugamos - Integrated Sports Platform".

Referring to the sixteen projects submitted as part of the 2022 competition, the Jury underlined the variety of themes addressed and their relevance: women's sport and football, eSport, new technologies, NFT, equality in sport, volunteering, health, stadium management, governance, fan management and athletes’ education.

The Jury was aware of the efforts made by all the students who had to face various constraints due to the global  pandemic. Indeed, the projects were most often carried out remotely, via screens.

Congratulations to the winning group from Cairo University. We would like also to thank all the students of the FIFA/CIES University Network who took part in the competition and hope that their projects will become reality in the near future.