Entrevista con

Mohamed Salah Abdallah | diplomado 2016

What is your current professional activity? and your involvement in sport?
I am currently working for the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) as the Egyptian National Team Administrator.
Why did you choose to attend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management at Cairo University?
I think that this is the only useful, serious and professional sports programme you can find.
What were your expectations before the start of the course? and… were they met?
I expected a lot. Of course, there was not enough time to gain more knowledge, but overall, it was very exciting and beneficial.
What would you say are the key strengths of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management?
First, the simple fact that this programme exists in Egypt is a strength. Second, all the knowledge gained during the course makes it useful and professional.
What benefits (on a personal and/or professional level) did you gain from attending the course?
On a personal level, I got to know a lot of brilliant people in the field of sport. It was great. On a professional level, it was for sure very useful to understand all of these materials and modules.
What is your best memory/highlight of the course?
My initial interview and presenting our final project.
Would you recommend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management? Why?
Yes, because it is both very useful and professional.