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Arkadiusz Złotnicki | diplomado 2019

Why did you choose this program?
Sport has always been present in my life. It was always my passion, so, in a way, choosing FIFA/CIES Program in Sports Management was a matter of an emotional decision, - but at the same time it was a truly reasonable choice. For me, this program is complimentary to other studies I graduated from, mainly in the field of management. I am sure that knowledge, skills and attitude, gained during this year, will bring a lot of satisfaction, both professionally and privately.
What are the main benefits of this program?
The main advantage is a balance between theory and practice. It is always a challenge, to combine practical skills with a theoretical context on an academic level, but in my opinion, Kozminski University and its lecturers and invited speakers did a good job here. 
Which aspect of the program turned out to be the most interesting?
For years I’ve been working on projects, where one should be able to combine knowledge from various aspects like law, psychology, sociology, management, marketing, etc. FIFA/CIES Program in Sports Management offers sort of a mix of all mentioned above. In my case it meant expanding my knowledge but also giving it a new, sportlike, context. As everyone knows, studies are not only about classrooms and library. Above all, it’s people – teachers and fellow students. For sure, the new network is really valuable and something tells me, that it will be rewarding in the near future. 
How this program contributed to your professional career?
Apart from personal satisfaction, studying should also give us a kick for further professional development and also give us some new opportunities. And in my opinion FIFA/CIES Program in Sports Management has such potential and many alumni – myself included - will benefit from it. 
Would you recommend this program?
This program is not for everyone. First of all, one should like sport. Not necessarily on a passionate level, but certain knowledge and understanding of some basic phenomena of social, cultural and business side of sport will definitely help – not only the students, but also the teachers who share their knowledge. 
While working on my final project, I realised – not for the first time – that professional management and leaders of change are crucial. This is often more important than technology or budget, and sport sector needs a breath of fresh air. I’m sure that FIFA/CIES Program in Sports Management every year can bring some new specialists into the market. That is why I recommend this program to all, who believe they can change the world. Sports world. The future is here and now.