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Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil

About FGV

The Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) was created in 1944. Its original goal was to train people to qualify for the public administrations as well as for the private sectors of Brazil. Since then FGV has largely exceeded the scope of higher education to include academic research and information technology to become synonymous as centre of quality and excellence. As pioneer in the field of education FGV has become a universal reference not only because of its undergraduate and postgraduate (masters and doctoral) courses and applied science programmes, but also for its constant quest for progress and innovation. Its policy to promote and incite proficiency to further develop new ideas, data and information has made FGV one of the most important national and international institutions.

The mission of FGV embodies advancing the limits of knowledge in the field of social sciences and other related areas by promoting the emergence and transmission of ideas, data and information in order to consolidate and systematize them, so that they can be used to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country, the improvement of the national ethical standards, the emergence of a responsible and shared governance as well as to the inclusion of the country within the international community.

The courses offered by FGV demand of the students more than just dedication and competence in order to assure an adequate training for executives being prepared for the challenges of present-day realities. To reach its goals, FGV will continue to further the education of ethically minded citizens who are aware of their responsibilities as instigators of change in the Brazilian society. FVG educational philosophy strives to produce students with a critical mind towards the contents of the offered courses rather than turning out specialists. Consequently, the exercise of leadership and citizenship remains one of the fundamental guidelines of the FGV projects.