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Santiago de Chile

About UST

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Santo Tomás is one of the largest education institutions in Chile. Present in 22 sites across the country, its main goal is to provide quality education to the youth of Chile.

Santo Tomás is composed of a University, a Professional Institute, a Technical Training Centre and several colleges. Together, the institutions offer 70 higher education courses and programmes to almost 50'000 students.

Santo Tomás’ mission is to provide high quality education in a way that students are subsequently solicited for their academic excellence, and so that they can invest in their professional career efficiently, creatively and with a strong sense of social responsibility. Of important note is that the University of Santo Tomás is the hub of a vast international academic network. Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu and Lech Walesa have been members of its Honorary Board.

The National Commission for Accreditation in Chile has recently certified the University of Santo Tomás. The UST is a member of the university network since 2006.