About UDLA

With 25 years of experience in the field of education, Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA) is considered as one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Ecuador. It is the only university to have received an accreditation in the United States (WASC, Senior College and University Commission) and has become a benchmark in terms of innovation, quality and academic excellence, as shown by over 16,000 students contributing to their country's social and economic development through critical thinking and strong commitment.

UDLA has developed a broad range of curricula, now including 55 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes designed to meet the country's needs and which take account of the latest global trends.

The university's objective is to “train competent, entrepreneurial, success-oriented and internationally-minded people”. Consequently, its educational model is not based only on theoretical content but focuses above all on a learning process that promotes practical skills to ensure that students reach their full professional potential.

UDLA has four campuses in Quito which are all equipped according to high quality criteria: New technologies, state-of-the-art laboratories, simulators, modern and environmentally-friendly facilities. This allows the university to facilitate the work of its teaching staff and strengthen student training.

Thanks to its successes in the academic and research fields, its community-based projects, its accreditations, its publications, its faculty members with extensive experience, its international exchanges, the scholarships it offers and its sound practical methodology, UDLA has become one of the most prestigious institutions in the country over the past few years.

It should also be mentioned that UDLA is the only Ecuadorian university to teach a sport management curriculum, which favoured the cooperation agreement with CIES.