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FIFA/CIES International University Network

15 Projects Competing for the 11th Edition of the FIFA/CIES University Network Prize

For the 11th edition of the FIFA/CIES International University Network Prize, CIES has received 15 projects before the stipulated deadline. An international jury will next select the award-winning project on 31 March 2021.

Work submitted by 15 groups will be considered for the 2021 edition of the FIFA/CIES International University Network Award. In comparison to previous years, students had to face new working constraints. Indeed, due to the pandemic, it was practically impossible for them to meet in the classroom to discuss their project ideas and to develop them together around a table. Most of the interactions, therefore, took place on-line, via computer screens. However, these new working methods did not prevent the selected groups from presenting work on a variety of projects, including themes such as eSport, professional reintegration, sustainable development, futsal and sporting values, audio-visual rights, sports management in times of pandemic and women's football.

The FIFA/CIES International University Network Prize was created in 2011 following a suggestion by the Universidad Católica in Argentina. The aim of the prize is to reward original work, further the understanding of sports-related phenomena, and also to develop innovative projects on a continental, national, regional and local level.

The 15 projects selected by the CIES partner universities for consideration this year are as follows:

Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eduardo Carugo, Juan Cruz González Vieta, Diego Maciel, Mariano Rizzo, Nadia Tamara Sanchez

Life after football


Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal

Maïmouna Ndiaye, Ngor Diouma Dione, Babacar Waly Ddiaye, Alioune Dieye, Tafsir Khaly Gueye

The Futsal FIFA GEEW - For the promotion of participation and sporting values in the department of Dakar


Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago, Chile

Valeria Apara, Javier Collao, Rodrigo Gardella, Nicolás González, Ana Guevara

Project “Green Fields”


Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Jailan El-Bous, Amr N. Fahmy, Mohamed Mitwally, Mohamed Sedky, Marwan Hesham

“Post” – Platform of Sport-tellers” A business model for a sports virtual network in MENA Region where athletes and sports stakeholders can connect together in a professional and fruitful way


Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica

Carlos Brenes Soto, Shirley Cruz Traña, Lixy Rodríguez Zamora, Carol Sánchez Cruz

UNIFFUT's marketing plan for the sustainability of the women's football league in Costa Rica


The University of the West Indies, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Chad Maraj, Ravi Lutchman, Allan V. Crane

Game Space event proposal


Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine

Huda Armoush, Amjad Shawar, Kamek Ekhlil, Hakam Al Karaki

“Shaaghif - The ball in the field” - A model for activating government schools to sports academies after school hours through the administration in the West Bank – Palestine


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Iris Córdoba Mondejar, Isabel García Expósito, Virginia Herrero Sánchez, Federico Vidal Montaldo

A vision for sport management in times of pandemic


Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

Renato Cordani, Fernanda Alvarenga Barbosa

Transparency in the management of the Brazilian Water Sports Confederation and its 27 Federations


Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

André Luiz Brugger de Mello Rodrigues, João Arthur Fantinati Zebini, Mateus Silva Morais

Distribution of broadcast rights for sports events:   A comparative analysis of models focusing on Novo Basquete Brasil and streaming platforms


Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela

Allison Moreno, Raquel Giglio

SUMATEA comprehensive football programme - Where your world is also our world


Universidad San Martín de Porres, Lima, Peru

Marcos Castro Salcedo, Fernando Soto Ramírez, Alfredo Fernández, Naomi Moreno Gutiérrez, Antonio Ataucuri Rodríguez

Academy “Walking Football”


Higher School of Economics, Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia

Kirill Khokhlov, Ivan Suvorov, Sergey Kuzmin, Valeriy Malev

“Concept of the FIFA Regulation Programme for holding  official national competition matches in  foreign countries”


Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Wadie Ibani, Mitri Hajjar

How eSports initiatives in UAE will help the introduction of eSports into the Olympic Games


Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai, India

Khushal Palicha, Noopur Harsh, Uday Shroff, Snedden Medeira

Strategies to increase participation of girls in team sports in India