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FIFA Master: Two FIFA/CIES Executive Programme alumni share their first impressions

Two FIFA/CIES Executive Programme alumni, Louis Kinziger and Geoffrey Edwards, embarked on the great adventure of the FIFA Master in September. After studying Historical aspects of sport at De Montfort University in Leicester, they will travel to Milan to attend Management classes at SDA Bocconi School of Management before finishing the curriculum with a focus on Sports Law at the University of Neuchâtel.

Louis Kinziger, an alumnus of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, arrived in Leicester a month early to prepare himself for a long but fascinating chapter of his life. After four weeks of classes, he has already struck up friendships with fellow students from other parts of the world, all united in their passion for sport and their desire to shape its future. Louis already appreciates various positive aspects of the FIFA Master: “We share many experiences in class. We help each other so that we all reach our objectives. In addition, we have enjoyed the opportunity to attend lectures given by professionals working for leading sports organisations or major sports events. We have also benefited from field visits where we had a behind-the-scenes view of famous football clubs or iconic venues like Wimbledon.”

Geoffrey Edwards, who completed the FIFA/CIES Programme curriculum at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, fully agrees with Louis: “After leaving Port of Spain, when I arrived in Leicester with my three suitcases, my head was full of questions about my future, my expectations and the challenges I would have to meet. The first month in Leicester was fantastic. I already have many unforgettable memories: Discovering legendary clubs like Manchester United and Leicester City; attending a theatrical performance on hooliganism or lectures like the one given by sports legend Tommie Smith, who won a gold medal in the 200 metres at the 1968 Olympic Games and exchanging insightful views with leaders in the sports industry.”

After thinking about it for a quick moment, Geoffrey continues: “But I believe that the best part is the academic and social interaction with my 27 classmates who represent no fewer than 17 countries. We can strike up and nurture friendships that will last a lifetime. Just imagine what awaits me to experience in Milan and in Neuchâtel!”

Before starting classes again, Louis enthusiastically adds: “Being a FIFA/CIES Executive Programme alumnus, I was perfectly prepared for the FIFA Master, with the right approach to the complexity of sports management. CIES has developed a unique model, with two training programmes forming an ideal combination. Everything is designed to allow students to acquire knowledge so that they can become key players in the field of sports management.”