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FIFA/CIES International University Network

Peru: Alejandro Aguilar talks about working for Club Alianza Lima

Alejandro Aguilar is one of the many alumni of the FIFA/CIES International Programme in Sports Management organised by the Universidad de San Martín de Porres (USMP) - in collaboration with the Peruvian Football Federation - who have achieved professional success in sport and football. Here he talks about his experiences as a student and his responsibilities at Club Alianza Lima.

What are your new duties at Club Alianza Lima?

I am responsible for everything to do with selling advertising in the stadium, as well as the fan experience on match days, coordinating activations with brands, choosing the food and beverage we offer on site, and not forgetting the shows we put on before the start of the match and during half-time. In addition, I organise exclusive events for fans, including a series of experiences such as “Photographs with the Cups”, “Stadium Tours” and “Hospitality”.

What are your medium-term objectives?

To be honest, what I really want to do is continue to immerse myself in the fascinating world of sport. I also want to acquire more knowledge and experience. This will undoubtedly enable me to take on greater and greater responsibilities and thus contribute more to the development of Peruvian football and society in general in my country.

Can you put into practice what you have learnt as part of the USMP/FIFA/CIES International University Network Programme?

Yes, fortunately I am able to use what I have learnt through the Programme on a regular basis. For example, the course on event management has given me a better understanding of how to take an active part in organising match days and ensuring that they run smoothly. In addition, the sponsorship course has given me the tools I need to negotiate partnerships in the advertising field and thus enhance the activities for which I am now responsible for.

What is your best memory of the Programme?

Meeting both lecturers and colleagues who already had experience in the sports and football sector. Through their teaching, their knowledge and their advice, they helped me to learn how it really works in practice.

What qualities should a sports manager in Peru have today?

First and foremost, a sports manager in Peru has to be honest, both in what he or she says and in what they do because, unfortunately, in our country there is a lot of corruption. That is something I have learnt at the club where I work, because at institutional level, we are very concerned about this essential issue. This applies particularly to relations with the various stakeholders. Secondly, sport managers working in sport have to base their work on relevant knowledge in the areas in which they operate (marketing, commercial aspects, finance, human resources, the sporting field, etc.). This gives them a broader view of the problems they encounter in their day-to-day work. And it is precisely this kind of knowledge that the USMP/FIFA/CIES International Programme offers participants during their studies.

Is there a sportsperson you particularly admire?

On an international level, I admire Lionel Messi, because he has managed to remain consistent at the highest level for over a decade. Furthermore, he has been able to maintain a stable family life, without letting fame get in the way.

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

I would like to be managing a big football club, either in my own country (Alianza Lima) or abroad.