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FIFA/CIES International University Network

Warsaw: Seminar for the Heads of the Law Module

Kozminski University (KU) and PGE Narodowy Stadium, CIES partners since 2014, welcomed the Heads of the Law Module to Warsaw on 27 and 28 October 2016. This module is taught in the framework of the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sports Management.

Under the leadership of KU Rector Witold Bielecki, CIES President Pierre Cornu and Dariusz Pekalowski, “Sales & Business Development Director” at PGE Narodowy Stadium, the seminar allowed the representatives of the 16 partner universities of the FIFA/CIES Network to evaluate the situation regarding the teaching of sports law, one of the six modules making up the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sports Management.

Participants discussed issues concerning arbitration, anti-doping and governance during a series of presentations and interactive sessions moderated by Benjamin Cohen, Director of the European Regional Office and International Federations Relations at the World Anti-Doping Agency, Pierre Cornu, Denis Oswald, CIES Director and IOC Member, Vincent Schatzmann, CIES Secretary General as well as Erika Riedl, Nejat Haciömeroglu, Pierre Lanfranchi and Vincent Monnier.

Module heads made several suggestions supporting the development of the teaching of law within the FIFA/CIES Network and put forward ideas to foster dynamic academic relations within the network.

We extend our thanks to Kozminski University, PGE Narodowy Stadium, the organisers of the seminar and the participants for their work, comments and recommendations, in addition to the positive thinking they contributed to the discussions and in particular to: Daryl Newton, Rafael Chavero, Sergio Rivera, Mariano Clariá, Rafael Trevisán, Víctor Villavicencio, Lucien William Valloni, Nasr Eldin Azzam, Suzan Salhieh, Ilia Buianov, Gonzalo Andrés Bossart Rojas, Jules Tyrone Marcus, Emilio Andrés García Silvero, Marek Pałus, Witold Bielecki, Sylwia Halas-Dej, Agnieszka Marciniuk, Dariusz Pekałowski, Anna Polatowska, Emilia Evéquoz, Benjamin Cohen, Pierre Cornu, Denis Oswald, Vincent Schatzmann, Vincent Monnier, Pierre Lanfranchi, Erika Riedl, Nejat Haciömeroglu and Désirée Garcia Cabello.