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Caracas, Venezuela


The Metropolitan University (Unimet) started its academic activities in Caracas on October 22, 1970. Over the years, the Unimet established itself as a private, secular and for non-profit institution for higher education, which puts excellence at the core of its academic model.

The Unimet has its campus at the “Urbanización Terrazas del Ávila”, which spreads over an area of approximately 250,000 acres, and which counts more than 7,000 students, 500 professors and 500 administrative staff. Its academic offer consists of 15 Bachelor diplomas, 8 Master’s degrees and 13 “Specialisations”. The Unimet can also rely on the Centre of Extension, Executive Development and Organizational Consulting (CENDECO), specialised in continuing education, and which delivers a wide range of diplomas, programmes and courses. At the same time, the Metropolitan University has regional branches and partnerships, and is consequently also present in the towns of Puerto La Cruz, Lecherías, Valencia, Maracaibo and soon Mérida.

The Unimet is a modern university with 40 years of academic experience. Its mission is to train young graduates, endowed with entrepreneurship qualities, a high code of ethics, a sound and all-round education, and committed to the social development of Venezuela.

Thanks to the financial support of two local sponsors, namely the Deportivo Petare, a Venezuelan professional football club, and the company GZ Gerencia Deportiva Internacional, the Metropolitan University signed a partnership agreement with CIES in 2010.