Interview avec

Ahmed Fawzy | diplômé 2011

What is your current professional activity? And your involvement in sport?
I am a professional basketball coach but I also get involved in a lot of general team management & sports management roles.

Why did you choose to attend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management at Cairo University?
Mainly word of mouth from friends who have attended this course in the previous two editions that took place at Cairo University. I reviewed the course contents and felt confident it would benefit me in developing my career in sports management. Also, the geographic location was very important as I am not sure if I could have attended the course if it were held anywhere else.

What were your expectations before the start of the course? And… were they met?
Prior to joining the course, I had the expectations that we were going to receive the latest materials covering lectures and that the instructors were going to be excellent facilitators. After the course, I could fairly say that the instructors were very good, but I wish the materials were stronger and I also wished the materials would have included more recent real life cases (for ex. Finance).

What would you say are the key strengths of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management?
- Strong tutors and instructors.
- The course gave me the opportunity to meet and make the acquaintance of fellow colleagues in the field of sports management.

What benefits (on a personal and/or professional level) did you gain from attending the course?
I gained knowledge in the field of sports management. The course introduced me to new issues in the field. The course is more of a step forward on the right track.

What is your best memory/highlight of the course?
To me, the best memory I can recall was the moment that it was announced at the end of the final presentations that my group was ranked first amongst all of my colleagues.

Would you recommend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management? Why?
Sure, due to all of the above.