About CU

Founded in 1908, Cairo University (CU) is the region’s leading University and the centre of social, political and cultural life for the Arab world. Cairo University’s distinctive role in Higher Education and Research, at both national and regional levels, is born from its long history. This source of strength has given the university a ranking among the top 500 universities as per the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is the top university in Egypt and third in Africa.

With a community of students and faculty members, CU is a crossroads for the various cultures of the Arab world and a vibrant forum for reasoned argument, spirited debate and understanding across these cultures. On 4 June 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama gave his famous speech “A New Beginning” inside CU’s main conference room.

CU has 27 Faculties and Institutes gathering 265,000 students and 11,900 teaching staff. The CU/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme is linked to the Faculty of Commerce.

Dedicated to making a significant contribution to Egypt and the international community in diverse fields, CU upholds the principles of academic freedom and is dedicated to excellence. The University is devoted to preparing its students to be global citizens who are able to address the challenges facing the region and the wider world.

CU is a renowned institution with the aim of bringing together leading academics and students across subjects, from different cultures and countries. This is reflected in CU’s unrelenting attempts at internationalization. A huge number of agreements and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) have been signed between CU and a wide range of partner universities across the globe, in particular with CIES. Thus, this has ensured and consolidated CU’s endeavours to continue to make breakthroughs in research, scholarship, and education through such international collaborations.