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Hana Assi | diplômée 2016

What is your current professional activity? and your involvement in sport?
Sport psychologist.
Why did you choose to attend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management at Birzeit University?
Because I wanted to know how I could plan for my sports project in a professional manner.
What were your expectations before the start of the course? and… were they met?
I expected to learn how to plan and apply a project in sport. In this course, I got the skills, which helped me to know how I should think and plan effectively on the accounting, marketing and management sides of my project.
What benefits (on a personal and/or professional level) did you gain from attending the course?
I learnt how to produce an accounting plan for any project and how to market it.
What is your best memory/highlight of the course?
The marketing module was amazing. It taught me many new things - even on how to communicate with people in normal life. This was also useful for my project.