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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Interview with

Amanda Ramcharan | graduate 2018

How has the programme contributed or added value to your career?
The programme has impacted my life in various ways that would and have indeed shaped and changed my outlook on the various ways that I can impart knowledge onto my charges. I have learnt to explore different avenues and methods for reaching every child and utilizing new forms of technologies and teaching and learning strategies that have influenced over the decades, while form fitting new educational strategies into our everyday lives.
What were the benefits of the programme to your current position?
The benefits to my current position has opened various avenues for me to explore varying management positions whereby I can use my new found knowledge and processes to further enhance and develop the physical education aspects of our lives and livelihood on a day to day basis.
What was your best memory/highlight of the programme?
The best memories and highlights of the programme were the actual visits to sites, where one can physically touch sporting complexes and sites to build that neurological connection they have with the knowledge that exists already. Once that gap has been fortified, everything automatically clicked together and the foundation was set for learning and growth of the mind and individual.
Any additional comments about the programme.
This program was an overall enhancement to my career and knowledge and growth in my education field as well as personal life, towards building a greater generation that is equipped with the necessary tools to do better for future generations.