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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Interview with

Kenwyne Jones | graduate 2021

What is your current professional activity? And your involvement in sport?
Managing Director of Black Diamond Sports International TT/ Head Coach of Football at Queens Royal College 
Why did you choose to study the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus?
The tailored course at UWI was perfect during the pandemic to further my knowledge in this field.
What were your expectations before the start of the course? And… were they met?
I expected to learn the administrative aspects of sport at a great institution and those expectations were exceeded.
What would you say are the key strengths of the UWI/FIFA/CIES Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management?
The key strengths of the UWI/FIFA/CIES Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management are the wealth and knowledge of the lecturers,  the exposure to consummate professionals within Sports Management and also the network of individuals that you're connected to.
What benefits (on a personal and/or professional level) did you gain from attending the course?
After a 15 year professional career, I've learned to appreciate the other side of sport that I wasn't privy to.
How have the courses offered by the programme aided in developing your knowledge, competencies, and skills?
The courses offered by this programme has enabled me to manage the administrative aspect of sport with a greater holistic point of view.
How has the programme contributed to your professional growth and employability?
This programme has definitely enabled me to be more marketable to sporting organisations, not only for the knowledge of Sports Management but also my vast amount of years of experience as a professional footballer.
What is your best memory/highlight of the course?
There are so many memories of my time in this programme,  but the greatest ones are the many nights working on group projects with my fellow colleagues.
Would you recommend the UWI/FIFA/CIES Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management? Why?
I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who wants to be involved in sport administration, as this course offers a wealth of knowledge to those who seek.