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Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Interview with

Aya Sowazi | graduate 2015

What made you decide to enroll for this course?
I enrolled in this course because I would like to run my own business in sport and I knew that I needed some sport management background and therefore when I saw the advert of this course I applied.

What were your expectations from this programme in sport management?
Honestly speaking my expectations were lower than what the real course provided. I thought that it was going to be like the normal, boring lectures whereby the lecture does not really interact with the students and not many practical tasks would be done in class. But this course was not anything like that; it was way better.

How have you benefited from this training in sport management?
It has made me more innovative at work and has made me realize that there is more than what meets the eye when one is in charge of a business, event etc. from someone who never really used to plan my programs for my physical education/ coaching I now plan in advance for every term and I evaluate myself at the end of each term.

What would your recommendations be for the future of this course?
More excursions or if not then more hands on activities e.g. involvement in an event that is taking place in the city during a block week.

What is your overall impression of the course and would you recommend that others should enroll for it?
This course was amazing and I have learnt a lot, even though I did not open my mouth during the classes I have absorbed a lot of information and skills and the fact that I am literally applying them at work is proof. I would most definitely recommend it to others.