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Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Testimonials Overview

"... Invaluable and modern handling of any sporting strategic planning management together with tools to turn me from an ordinary person to an expert in many areas..."
"... I thought that it was going to be like the normal, boring lectures whereby the lecture does not really interact with the students and not many practical tasks would be done in class. But this course was not anything like that; it was way better."
"The art of communication was superb. I am in the business of talking and listening. This has tremendously improved my dexterity when it comes to communication."
"The Programme has really made me well-equipped to be a professional in my field."
"I acquired a lot of information which is really assisting me in my everyday work."
"The course has definitely broadened my understanding of sports management..."
"The course widens the students’ knowledge about sport and changes the mindset of how things should be done."