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Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Interview with

Mohlala Mopeli (graduate 2012-2013)

What is your current professional activity? And your involvement in sport?
I am working as the Olympafrica Center manager in Lesotho, within the National Olympic Committee. I do socio-educational programmes using sport as the platform.
Why did you choose to attend the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management at NMMU?
As a person who has not graduated from a higher education institution, furthering my studies is a key issue, and when I came across the course on the Internet I applied. That's how I got into the course.
What were your expectations before the start of the course? And… were they met?
It was to obtain knowledge related to sport management, and get a formal university certificate to allow me to apply to other institutions and eventually get a degree or higher qualification in sports management. Well, I acquired a lot of information which is really assisting me in my everyday work. I am still working on furthering my studies from here.
What would you say are the key strengths of the NMMU/FIFA/CIES Certificate in Sport Management?
The lecturers are well-rounded with experience, and impart as much as they can to the students.
What benefits (on a personal and/or professional level) did you gain from attending the course?
I am now more equipped with relevant information than before, I have managed to network and share information, and am hoping it could open more employment and educational opportunities in life.
What is your best memory/highlight of the course?
Doing the law module and the marketing module.
Would you recommend the NMMU/FIFA/CIES Certificate in Sport Management? Why?
Yes I would, the information shared during the course is very important and broadens one’s perspective and approach to sport holistically.